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  • The Lakeview Heights Community Association is a resident/member operated grassroots non-profit Special Interest Group representing the interests of the community. Member volunteers monitor and lobby government and are active participants in local Public Advisory Councils and Committees to ensure that our community have a role in the decision making processes and especially, that community needs and interests are tended to. With today's phenomenal growth and projected growth, it is important for us as residents to stay informed, in-tune and active participants in local community events and issues. We welcome your interest and/or participation.

    Many Members volunteer their time and attend Community Open Houses, Government Information events, Community Issue Forums, and many participate and represent the LHCA on several Public Advisory Committees. The Lakeview Heights Community Association is made up of resident and business owners. The Board is a group of elected members that volunteer their time. The Executive are also volunteers elected by the Board. We value input from our friends and neighbours. Please feel free to contact the Lakeview Heights Community Association with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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